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Best Boobs from Videogames


We know that you love boobs, in fact our most read article is Por Actresses With Best Natural Boobs. In today entry we want to offer you something different, but sexy anyway: The Best Boobs from Videogames. Last time we talked about what’s completely natural, this time we will talk about completely fake. Fake boobs on fake characters.

Boobs from Videogames
Boobs from Videogames

From this idea we got this article. Here you have the list with the best boobs from Videogames. It features pictures and videos. Even cosplay pictures! Which one would be your favorite pair of boobies? We could say that maybe for us, Soul Calibur is the game with better breasts. What do you think?

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Best Boobs from Videogames

Kaileena (Prince of Persia)

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